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Extending Your Wash Day-Quarantine Hair Care

During this time of uncertainty, where most of us are home constantly, it is hard to see any good in the situation. For many staying home means financial impact, little for us to do and well personally, stir crazy. Thank the lord for technology because after watching The Shining I am not a fan of staying inside with just family, with no other human contact. Although we are all home there are some positives. Enjoy time with your family, check a few things off that to-do list, read that book you still have not finished, learn a new skill, and stretch out your wash day. I know, probably not on your to-do list? It’s something most are not thinking of during this time of uncertainty however it is something we can do safely at home and it even saves some money.

Pushing out your wash day is normally a pain, I mean who wants to walk around with greasy hair for a week straight? Very few people would be my guess. However it seems you have nowhere to be now is the perfect time to walk around looking like middle school you who put wayyy too much product in your hair. So how do you actually stretch your wash day?

  1. Wash your hair

Wow, weird first step you were not expecting? You probably will not read that one many places. Seriously though, when you decide you want to stretch your wash day the first step is washing your hair. Of course there is a catch though, wash your hair with a sulfate and silicone free shampoo. Why is this important? Now this may automatically start you off with greasy hair, however part of pushing back your wash day involves cutting out bad ingredients found in your shampoo and conditioner.  This way you can start with a clean slate. More about sulfates, silicones, and pharaphens here

2. Use a wooden brush with wooden bristles

Do you remember when no-poo was a thing? Although many still practice this, it is not nearly as big as it was a few years back. When everyone was attempting no-poo along with water only hair washing or DIY shampoos, something that also gained popularity was wooden or boar bristle brushes. Although I am pretty sure many started as a trend for aesthetic reasons, it really does have a purpose. A boar bristle brush helps distribute the oils from the base of your scalp to the rest of your hair. Similarly a wooden bristle brush does the same, just not as well. A wooden bristle brush is a more affordable alternative to a boar bristle brush, many also chose wooden over boar for ethical reasons. Distributing the oils will help moisturize the ends of your hair and also make your scalp look less greasy.

3. Add some dry shampoo

Some recommendations suggest you spray dry shampoo in your hair before it gets greasy and seems it works for so many I do not see the harm in giving it a try. I personally feel like it just weighs down my hair and gives it a heavy and dirty feeling. I wait until my hair is noticeably greasy then use Pureology Dry Shampoo or because I have dark hair I use some cocoa powder with a blush makeup brush. Only use dry shampoo on the top, visible layer of your hair. If you are spraying a ton of dry shampoo on your scalp then it can basically make your hair think that you washed it because it will absorb all of your natural oils.

4. Do not wash your hair 

Okay I am sure you saw this step coming, it is the whole point of this blog post. There is not really much to elaborate on as it is simple, just don’t wash your hair. There are two ways that you can go about this though. One way is to simply not wash your hair for a week or two, then wash your hair. Then begin washing per your goal, so if you only want to wash your hair once a week then begin doing this now. Although your hair will not automatically adjust to being washed only once a week, doing this will help it adjust a little quicker. This is a great method to use when you have a couple weeks where you will be staying home, you know like now? The second way to do this works well for those still working or for those who just do not want to deal with greasy hair for 2  weeks. If you wash your hair every two days just push it back a day, then when your hair adjusts, push it back another day. This is definitely a longer process, especially if you wash your hair everyday. I have also seen this method not work on some people, considering it is not your hair itself that produces oil however it is your scalp, which is skin. Everyone has different skin types, oily, dry, in between, your scalp is kinda the same.

5. Throw it in a ponytail

When there is simply no hiding what your hair has become, put it up.. with a headband. After so many days of greasy hair, then more days of hair filled with dry shampoo, there is simply no avoiding it. This is when I put my hair in a ponytail with a headband to cover a good portion of my hair. Adding a few braids is also a great way to mix in some new styles.

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6. How to deal with greasy hair

I totally understand that dealing with greasy hair is a lot. Your hair feels gross and then you feel un-put together which reminds you that you haven’t done much of anything because you have not left the house in 3 weeks and your eyebrows are overgrown and basically it’s an endless cycle. With being home for weeks on end, there are some days when you just want to dress up and feel good about yourself. I still say go for it, just with greasy hair. Honestly though when you are stretching out your wash day you will be wearing your hair up a lot! I used this time to try out some new hair styles, anything that I can wear a headband or scarf with is a must. Another little tip is a scalp massage with essential oil, this leaves your scalp feeling cleaner and smelling good. Depending on the oil you use there may be some other added benefits 

7. Just be Patient 

I know it can be hard and it can be annoying. However just remember that this will only last a few weeks and no one will see your hair anyways. Even if you do need to run to the store, everyone there will be more concerned about finding toilet paper than judging your greasy hair. So just enjoy not having to wash your hair and focus on the more important things right now.

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