Hair Products How-To

Anti Frizz leave in treatment

This Anti Frizz Leave-In Treatment is a mix of moisturizing oils and water. It is a lighter mixture than the hair and body oil, making it great for all hair types. This mix can be used on wet or dry hair just make sure to shake before using.

When To Use

Frizz is caused by dry or damaged hair so this moisturizing mixture helps with both. Those who already struggle with oily hair will want to use this the night before a wash. Or make sure to use less product. If oil is not a problem for you, use after a shower on wet or dry hair. This mix also works great as a refreshing spray on waves and curls.

When not to use it

“When not to use it” is just as important of a question as “When to use it”. Using a product that you don’t need, that is not meant for your hair, or you current hair style can have an opposite effect. The Anti frizz Leave-In Treatment contains natural oils and water. The oil combination moisturizes and adds shine. While the water cuts down on this mixture to avoid giving your hair an oily look. So when not to use it? Due to the water, do not use if your hair is straightened as it will bring back your waves and curls.

If this product causes any irritation stop using immediately and seek a medical professional.

I, Molly Moulder, am a licensed cosmetologist in the state of Michigan. All posts are from my personal experience or opinion as a cosmetologist and are not meant to be taken as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns or specific medical conditions, I recommend you contact a healthcare professional.